Move the Body

We study how the body moves in SKD.

Gwa Chui is typically used to start off Chao Chui. Because of this we must understand the possibilities of using Gwa Chui.

As Gwa Chui is also a swinging motion we must all the more study body motion so that the two consecutive swinging movements do not throw us off balance.

In this video I give a brief explanation on this :-

Swing with Control

When using a swinging strike such as Chao Chui we must study control. The reason why is because the circular movement can cause us to be thrown off balance if we are not careful.

This is why we must carefully study the circular movement and how the forces in motion acts on our body. With the understanding we can learn to minimize the effect of these forces on our balance.

Chao Chui Learning

When I was learning Wing Chun I did not like strikes that were big in movement and circular because being a Wing Chun guy I thought this type of striking is too slow.

But after many years of reflecting on Master Leong’s teaching I changed my mind and now I think circular strikes with big movement are powerful and fast as long as you understand how to minimize your exposure when you are using it.

In SKD after the Yum Chui which is a linear strike we next turn to Chao Chui which is a powerful circular strike. Here I highlight a few methods of keeping yourself covered when using it.