Sensitive Topics

Have not recorded any Tai Chi videos lately except for the SKD learning group.

The last two weeks Tai Chi lessons coverage were on topics that are “sensitive” hence no taping was conducted.

In the learning of Tai Chi there are topics we can share with anyone and there are topics we keep to ourselves.

Topics we would keep to ourselves are the maxims, song, ditties, tactics, indepth explanation of techniques that are verbally passed down.

We don’t keep them inside for the sake of done so or to be elite. Instead, such topics are like “intellectual properties” and meant to give a competitive advantage to practitioners.

However, to be able to realize the competitive advantage each practitioner has the responsibility to put the knowledge into practice, to make the knowledge come alive, to make the knowledge practical. Then the knowledge is meaningful and is worthy to be passed down.


Power Training 8

At the end of fajing training we should push hands to learn how to use it.

As you can see below it is not always necessary to bounce an opponent away. Sometimes a simple lock can work just as well.

Power Training 6

Most of the time we cannot relax because we are mentally tense. It requires the know how to make you relax mentally.

When you can relax mentally fajing is easy as shown :-

If you cannot then we make tricks to make you relax and let your tension go :-

After learning to relax and focus then its time to test if the requirements hold when we do fajing quickly :-

Power Training 5

True internal power is not just using the rear foot to push off the ground to generate power. Instead, true internal power is tapping the power from the ground and running it through the body before exiting the striking hand into opponent’s body.

The video below illustrates this principle :-

Close up of the internal process (if you can’t see it its because its “internal” get it?) :-

Internal training involves feeling carefully what is happening inside the body. Just externally moving the body is not internal. Moving the power through the nine crooked pearls is true internal power.

Power Training 4

A detail such as measuring out the right distance may seem inconsequential. However, without the right distance you will not be able to have sufficient time to generate power. So yes, every little details count.

Close up of the proper distance to generate power easily :-

Once you find the right distance then you need to be sung before you can transmit your power into the opponent. The video below shows zero-inch distane in fajing. As you can see the pain is really. It is not a push!

We can use the Wu (Hao) form to train the body’s opening and closing to magnify the penetration of the power as shown above.

The entire Wu (Hao) form can teach us how to gather and release the power as illustrated in the video below :-

Power Training 3

And now for comic relief………..

To use fajing when pushing hands freely you must learn to do it on demand. This means there is no time to prepare, no getting into a low stance, gather you Qi, take a deep breathe and focus your mind. When you need it, you do it.

To be able to do fajing easily takes deep learning. Deep learning starts by learning simple movements. When chained together and used in a flowing manner the technique may seem complex but it should not be.

As you become familiar with basic requirements then you move on into the realm of using intent. This will enable you to issue a penetrating strike even when you do it at zero-inch distance as shown below :-