TaiChiLite is an online learning program for our method of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

We have created TaiChiLite for the following :-

a) The participant who has problem finding a teacher

b) The participant who is interested in authentic Tai Chi

c) The participant who is already learning Tai Chi but not getting results

Note – it is difficult to teach Tai Chi Chuan properly via an online self-learning program because :-

a) A lot of small details are difficult to capture on video

b) Certain energies need to be felt to have a better understanding of what is going on

c) Corrected movements should be demonstrated to understand properly their implications

Nevertheless, we shall give it a try. It goes without saying that interested participants should be self-motivated and be prepared to invest their time to learning it.

For long term development it is recommended that participants seek out suitably knowledgeable teachers who are willing to teach Tai Chi properly. You can use the information here to help you select a teacher or school.

The objective of TaiChiLite is to introduce to interested participants the authentic principles of traditional Tai Chi Chuan as defined our method’s interpretation of the Tai Chi Classics.

In a nutshell, participants will learn the following :-

a) Movements based on efficient natural human motion

b) Easy to understand use of intention

c) Movements that are conducive for health and combat

By following the information closely participants can expect to :-

a) Energize their movements

b) Unlock their ability to generate power

c) Develop heightened awareness of space and time

The learning will be divided into 10 modules as follows :-

Module 1
Overview of basic requirements
i) Upper body
ii) Lower body
iii) Balance

Module 2
Putting module 1 into practice
i) Stationary
ii) Turning
iii) Walking

Module 3
i) Introducing the 12 movements form
ii) Beginning Posture – Movement 1

Module 4
i) Grasp Sparrow’s Tail – Movement 2

Module 5
i) Single Whip – Movement 3

Module 6
i) Raise Hands – Movement 4
ii) White Crane Spreads Wings – Movement 5

Module 7
i) Brush Knee, Twist Step (1) – Movement 6
ii) Play Pipa (1) – Movement 7
iii) Brush Knee, Twist Step (2) – Movement 8

Module 8
i) Step Up, Parry, Punch – Movement 9

Module 9
i) Apparent Close Up – Movement 10

Module 10
i) Cross Hands – Movement 11
ii) Closing – Movement 12