Henry van Dyke (1852-1933)

Let me but live my life from year to year,
With forward face and unreluctant soul;
Not hurrying to, nor turning from the goal;
Not mourning for the things that disappear
In the dim past, nor holding back in fear
From what the future veils; but with a whole
And happy heart, that pays its toll
To Youth and Age, and travels on with cheer.

So let the way wind up the hill or down,
O’er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy:
Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,
New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
My heart will keep the courage of the quest,
And hope the road’s last turn will be the best.

Three decades. Just short of two months and I would have worked that long in one company. Alas, it is not to be. It is not entirely unexpected. I should know that as an economist. Just like blood is to the body so too is profit to the business. You bleed you die; it is as simple as that.

At an age when I should be winding down to retirement I am restarting another chapter in my work life. The early days are hectic as I spent time arranging for product agencies, snagging orders, building a website, doing vendor registrations, the numerous little things to get a business off and running, all in the name of making a living. I even spent an entire day at a metrology exhibition a week back. High inflation trumps any plan for a Tai Chi-centric life cause work pays the bills.

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. At the end of one’s journey, one’s life nothing really matters. If it be so, then it be so. If it ain’t so, then it ain’t so. Just enjoy the rest of the journey wherever the road may lead to. Peace. Quiet. The end.