Online Training

Online training is available for Tai Chi and SKD for paid annual subscribers here.

The training works as follows :-

Option 1

This option is for the Annual Plan subscriber.

On signing up you will be invited to join The Tai Chi Solo Player app on Slack. Once you sign up you will automatically join the general channels. For example #general8stephealthform which as its name implies is for learning the 8-step Health Form for development of health, intent and power generation capability.

You can post videos of yourself performing any of the exercises from the videos in the public and subscriber-only posts for sharing and review with other members.

The other public channel that is open is the #generalskd for the training of Sam Kuen Do. This is my internal version of an external art.

Instead of focusing on forms SKD uses solo drills to learn about movement, balance and power generation. The techniques of SKD can enhance your learning and application of techniques in push hands. More information here

Option 2

This option is for subscribers of the Annual with Videos plan.

You can post your training videos here that you prefer to keep private from other members. You can ask questions that you rather keep to yourself.

You can also schedule a weekly 40 minutes video session via Google Duo. Currently this is only available for the weekend.

Finally, I will also share with you extra information and details to jazz up and enhance further your development of skills. You might have read about some of these things in my posts here. Now you finally get to read and see what it is really about.