How to Practice

On this page I outline a way of practicing that should yield the fastest progress assuming you practice every day.

Step 1 – commit yourself to practice every day for as much time as you can. Practice is not just about doing it physically but also thinking and analyzing what you are doing.

Step 2 – learn one thing at a time and practice until you can do it without thinking about. And then continue to practice until feelings and insights emerge.

Step 3 – ask questions and go for progress check (if available).

Step 4 – learn the easy stuff first; this would be categorized under “Getting Started“. When you are proficient then add on to your basic learning by going for the corresponding topic under “Adding On“. When you have the earlier two levels under your grasp then you can go for “Refining” topics.

Step 5 – have a positive learning mindset. Be confident that you can master Internal Tai Chi.