Kali Training

Our training in Kali covers the use of the double sticks, single stick, blade and empty hand combat.

The art is suitable for adults of all ages whether you are looking for a fitness routine, coordination, reflex and strength training, or combat skills. Excellent for ladies interested to pick up basic self defence skills.

You would need to have a pair of rattan sticks, a pair of padded sticks, a training blade, open mind and a willingness to train and help each other to progress in the Kali journey. Contact me for information on where to purchase the training weapons before coming for training.

Venue – 8 minutes walk from Yew Tee MRT
Time – 10.30 am to 12 noon
Day – Saturday

The number of participants per session is subject to COVID-19 restrictions. If you do not know what they are check the Ministry of Health website.

You can indicate your interest by sending your contact information below. In the message type “Kali Training“.