Thank you for your interest in our Tai Chi. Overview of lessons offered :-

a) 1-to-1 learning only (group lessons are currently not available)

b) Each lesson is 1-hour and held once a week (consult for schedule and if you like to have lessons more frequently or of longer duration)

c) Teaching area is 8 minutes walk from Yew Tee MRT (that’s along the North-South MRT line)

d) Type of Tai Chi taught – Yang style (combined style of Grandmasters Wei Shuren, Dong Huling and Nip Chee Fei). GM Wei was renowned for his fajing ability, GM Dong for his combat and push hands skill, and GM Nip for his practical tournament techniques

e) Lessons revolve around the learning of principles through forms (emptyhand and weapons) and push hands. Students from overseas who are on short term visit can consult to have customized learning or based on subject of interest


Potential students will be interviewed and assessed on learning suitability. We regret that we do not offer reasons for rejection.

Please send your enquiry using the form below (for residents in Singapore only). On receipt of your name and contact number we will call you to discuss further. Thank you.



If you are coming to Singapore for a visit and would like to take up lessons you can send email enquiry via the form here.