Big Movement

This is part of our previous SKD session last Sunday.

The development of striking skills begin with bigger movements rather than smaller movements.

Why we begin with bigger movements is because it is easier to feel what we are doing. It is also easier to develop power through a bigger motion.

When we can feel what is happening, example how our arm is moving relative to the waist, how our legs is assisting the swing by coordinating the rise-fall movement that allows us to use gravity to accelerate down and use the same movement to come up etc, then its time to work on reducing the size of the movement.

A smaller movement is faster and is more useful when used for probing and entering.

Minimize the External

At one time I did not like wide, circular strikes. When I learned Wing Chun they used to tell us that circular strikes are slow.

However, if this is true why is it that many styles use circular strikes?

Once I took a closer look then I discover that a circular strike can move just as fast as a linear strike. It is a matter of how you apply it.

You do need to train to do wide movement first to get the power before you minimize the outer movements so that you can move more efficiently.

Training a Relaxed Wrist

Having a relaxed wrist is essential if you are going to use contact as part of your strategy.

In SKD we learn a simple 4-movement exercise to train the wrist to be relaxed.

It takes but 1-2 weeks of daily training to get it. Once you acquire the knack of relaxing you will find that your hand can stick to your training partner’s bridge like a post-it-note.