Sixth Lesson is Up

Finally, I have written the Sixth Lesson of the 7-Brief Lessons.



Micro Universe 9

Do you know what came into my mind when I read about the LIGO mirrors and gravitational waves?

I thought of the Chi rings which are not really like solid rings. It might give this impression when you read about it or even see this video of Grandmaster Wei Shuren.

However, when I was learning how to do the three Chi rings I was told to let them emanate out of the body like water rippling out after you drop a stone into water, something like the video below :-


I learned how to do the Chi rings more than 10 years before LIGO even confirmed that gravitational waves existed.


Does this not sound like what Chi rings are? Take a look at the video below.

As a recap before the Chi rings are formed we have to mentally allow a visualized rock to drop through our body to create the bell clapper string. This of course leads to a process that ends with the creation of the Chi rings. Take a look at Grandmaster Wei demonstrating how to form the Chi rings using intention below.

The difference is that gravitational waves are a result of occurences in outer space but Chi rings occur because of what happened in inner space (our mind).

If you know your Tai Chi principles you may remember that Tai Chi is said to be a macro universe and man a micro universe.

Did you get the connection?

Well, if you did not now you know.

We are living in exciting times as physicists ups their game and hopefully, we see more findings that help confirm what we already know in our abstract, non-scientific Tai Chi model.


Micro Universe 8


At the moment I saw a drawing in a book similar to the drawing below I instantly saw a parallel between what we are training in the 22 form and what was explained as similar (I hesitate to say the same because I’m not a physicist).

Image 1-2

Part of the reason for this insight is because I have known our Tai Chi model for more than a decade. The other reason is because I had for some time mainly use the principle of using a curve to move between two points whether in playing push hands or striking.

It was good that we now have another aspect of physics confirming what we do in Tai Chi. Some of Einstein’s postulates took many, many years to prove because the technology to do so had not caught up.

For example, gravitational waves was only proven in 2016 with by the use of super sensitive mirrors in the two LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) sites in the United States. I read that the mirrors are so sensitive that an earthquake in China once knocked the mirrors in the LIGO off kilter.


Do you know what came into my mind when I read about the LIGO mirrors and gravitational waves?


Micro Universe 7

Did you get what I realized?

If you have been visiting my blog for a while you would have seen it many times over.

However, as with many readers you probably saw it once, twice perhaps three times and after that never thought more about it.

This is why things can stare at us in the face but if we don’t pay attention we may not think more about it. And if we do not keep it in mind our Eureka moment will never come.

As reading the experience of Newton and Einstein shows Eureka moments do not happen out of the blue. It happens because each of them thought long and hard about the problem, asking the right questions, and never giving up their quest until a sudden insight hit them and the answer appeared.

So if you want to master Tai Chi you have to put a lot of effort into it, a hell lot more effort than what you are currently putting into it.


Micro Universe 6

One thing at least is certain, light has weight
Light rays, when near the Sun, do not go straight
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, May 1919

Image 1-1

Above is Sir Eddington’s photograph (one of the 16 exposures taken) of the total solar eclipse of 29 May 1919 which appeared in his 1920 paper confirming that light can bend as postulated by Albert Einstein.

When I was learning Wing Chun we were taught that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

In science it is said that light also takes a straight line to get between two points. At least, that was the general wisdom until Einstein realized that it was not always the case.

I was reading another book in which a drawing was used to illustrate this point but I didn’t quite catch the implication. It was only on reading another book that I understood what this model meant.

Below is a drawing similar to the one I saw.

Image 1-2

Did you get what I realized?


Micro Universe 5

In the field of science Newtonian physics proved to be valid for over 200 years.

Its principles have been proven valid and even some careers have been built on it.
Ninety nine percent of physicists did not question it, even when they experience doubts or have inconsistencies staring at them in the face.

At least, not until along came an unremarkable Albert Einstein, a budding scientist who could not seem to get the career he wanted started.

Perhaps this was what fate intended because thrown into a job with time to think he could ponder and think and from there came a question that changed the field of physics.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to overthrow or revolutionize an entire field.

For me the revolution in how I see Tai Chi began on two occasions. The first was when I was first introduced to it by a senior. The second, which I considered the real revolution, was when my teacher visited me and offered me the red pill.

And after taking the red pill nothing was the same again.



Micro Universe 4

In learning Tai Chi it helps if we have a teacher who knows the stuff and teaches it to us. But if not, then all is not lost. After all, who taught the first person who created the art?

A teacher can take us so far. A good teacher should liberate us.

However, I see that many famous teachers tend to enslave their students with the tools of discipleship, secret teachings, instructorship and so on.

A good art has a lot of depth and take years to mine the information for skills. Even then this is only the journey of the external. There is a point in the journey where you go on your own.

At this juncture you should have mastered the core principles. You should have internalized the principles and be able to conceal them from even someone who is touching you and actively trying to feel what you are doing.

From this point you are on your own. Your teacher can still act to verify that you are walking on the same path though who is to say that you cannot forge a new path.

Is what I am advocating heresy?

If you are in a traditional lineage or a money-making lineage then yes, this is heresy. This is why in such arts the people who tend to get it are normally the sons, adopted sons, relatives or rich students. The rest have little chance of getting there.

What can we do then?