SKD S7 Sweeping Strike

The Sao Chui is a powerful strike that cuts through the air in a wide arc.

This means that if improperly used you will inadvertently open up your space to an attack.

So more than ever you must have a good grasp of the fundamentals in order to use Sao Chui.

This is because the wide movement can cause you to lose your balance if you miss.

We also need to look into how to set up the strike quickly and issue power even at a closer range to reduce the striking time.

Because Sao Chui requires a bigger movement this means that you will never be as fast as a linear strike such as the Yum Chui.

So in order to use Sao Chui you will need to investigate how to minimize this weakness.

SKD S7 Shoulder Looseness

In today’s Zoom lesson I explained a bit more about the arm looseness exercises that I had introduced in a previous lesson.

In this particular exercise if we keep practicing and working on relaxing the arm we can move the arm like a chain.

When your arm is like a chain you can use the shoulder, elbow or wrist to strike.

Ad-Lib Swings 2

Free Sao Chui swinging here.

We train Sao Chui this way in order to generate a strong knockout power.

Imagine a conditioned forearm that swings like a base bat aimed at your head.

While I am not at the level of Master Leong this gives an idea of the potential power of this strike.

Ad-Lib Swings

Doing some arm swinging before the start of today’s SKD class. Some might think there’s dantian rotation, this internal and that internal.

However, these are simple body mechanics involving body rotation while relaxing the arms until they feel like a rope with stones (fists) at the other end.