Study of Hand-Arm Structure (Arm Bows)


In Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s 22-form a key method of fajing is by using the 5 bows.

The 5 bows are :-

a) Arm bows X 2
b) Spinal bow X 1
c) Leg bows X 2


a) Open Palm & Small Chi Sphere

i) Fajing Exercise No. 1 – Open Palm

ii) Fajing Exercise No. 2 – Open Palm Down to Up

iii) Fajing Exercise No. 3 – Open Palm to Chest

iv) Fajing Exercise No. 4 – Linking Up Exercise No. 1 to 3

v) Fajing Exercise No. 5 – From Open Palm to Hollow Fist


How to use the hand and arm as an integrated arm bow to fajing.


We begin our learning of the 5 bows by learning the arm bows.

The first thing we study in the use of the 5 bows is how to use the imaginary ball (the proper term is Small Chi Sphere) as this requires a lot more practice than the spinal and leg bows.

Then as we go on we study the other aspects of the hand-arm structural requirements.


The most basic thing that we learn is also the most important thing to learn because most of the time we connect to the opponent through our hands.

As such, it is important to learn the arm bows from the very start.


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