Fajing Exercise No. 3 – Open Palm to Chest


Fajing Exercise No. 3 teaches you a method to connect up the upper body to the hand holding the imaginary ball.


Step 1 – Your right palm is facing upwards. It is holding an imaginary ball.

Step 2 – Bring your right palm up to your chest and press the imaginary ball against your chest. Feel the imagined pressure of the ball pressed against your chest as your chest is resisting the pressure.

Step 3 – In your mind let the resistance go and allow the ball to leave your right hand and go through your body to bounce against your back. The ball then bounces right back out through your chest and into your right palm. What do you feel in your right hand and right side of your chest / back?


Fajing Exercise No. 1 and 2 focused on the relationship of the open hand to the imaginary ball.

In Fajing Exercise No. 3 we broaden the relationship by extending the qualia to the upper body in the initial learning stage.


If you relax and stand without unnecessary movement the lower body will also connect up to the upper body without you having to do so.

This enables you to connect the hand holding the imaginary ball to the entire body and not just the upper body as mentioned in WHAT above.


I have broken down the basic learning for how to use the imaginary ball (or Small Chi Sphere to use its proper name) for fajing purposes.

This is just a microscopic view of the process which I have divided into several steps to make the learning more comprehensive.

Once your body has grasped how to do it all the different exercises will collapse to become just one exercise which we can go through either in the form or in the neigung exercise sequence.


2 thoughts on “Fajing Exercise No. 3 – Open Palm to Chest

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