Fajing Exercise No. 2 – Open Palm Down to Up


Fajing Exercise No. 2 is an extension of Fajing Exercise No. 1.


Step 1 – Perform Fajing Exercise No. 1.

Step 2 – This time instead of having the right hand in the same position what you do is as follows :-

i) Right fingers release the imaginary ball towards the target.

ii) As soon as the ball is released let your right palm trace clockwise the arc of the imaginary ball that you were holding. The will lower your right hand and turn the palm to face upwards.

iii) The moment your right palm reached the position of palm facing upwards the imaginary ball will arrive back at your fingers.

Step 3 – Turn your right palm downwards again. Do it by tracing anti-clockwise the arc of the imaginary ball that you were holding in Step 1. Repeat the exercise.


In Fajing Exercise No. 1 you learn how to release the imaginary ball and let it come back to your right hand.

In Fajing Exercise No. 2 you learn how to receive the imaginary ball as it comes back to you by turning your right palm to face up.

The palm facing up position in Fajing Exercise No. 2 represents readiness to generate force whereas the palm facing down position in Fajing Exercise No. 1 denotes the phase in which you are about to release the power.


This exercise is derived from Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s 22-form Beginning Posture.


The ability to generate power is a process of moving between potential energy and kinetic energy.

Fajing Exercise No. 1 and 2 teaches the cycle of moving between both energies.


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