Forming the Open Hand Palm Shape – Refining


The Getting Started of the Open Hand Palm Shape develops your ability to bring the energy out to your fingertips.

The Adding On adds to the Getting Started by tacking on an additional point to focus the intent.

In Refining we finetune the movement by using timing to generate a wave-like pulse of energy.


This is how to do the 2-step generation process using your right hand :-

a) Curve the top of the imaginary sphere forward with your fingertips. This expresses the Peng energy.

b) As soon as you have performed (a) smoothly seque into the next move which is to push as if compressing the imaginary sphere with the dot on your hypothenar eminence. This allows you to issue An energy.


The Refining here teaches how to connect to your opponent’s body by applying pressure to it.

You then apply a secondary pressure to unbalance him since he is unable to resist two forces acting on him at the same time.


This is a composite fajing method which is derived from a few of the fajing models presented in Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s book on the 22-form.

I have compiled it this way so that it can be learned easily. Once you understand it you can use it to learn the original models that this method is created from.

This compiled method teaches you to issue Peng energy followed by An energy. The energy of Peng is like a wave crashing down whereas the energy of An is like the wave rising. When using both energies one after another in succession you are basically using the movement and energy of a sinuous curve.

The mastery of the hand structure in using the imaginary ball allows you to quickly generate the power with minimal setup and outer movement. This is the first and last thing you learn i.e. bringing the power up to the hand.

The difference is in the learning stage you learn to form, hold and use the imaginary ball through intent. You sometimes have the intent but you often do not have it so you have to keep working on it. In the mastery stage the intent automatically forms the moment you use the open hand palm structure.


Mastering Tai Chi can sound daunting to many but as you can see it is not really that difficult to follow.

The challenge is to overcome your belief that it is difficult to master the art when this is not true, at least not without really putting in your best effort to try.


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