Forming the Open Hand Palm Shape – Adding On


In this section I will touch on the next step in learning how to form the open hand palm shape.

I classify this as Adding On because I am adding another point to the learning. I could have mentioned the principle in this section in the Getting Started but that might be too much for some learners.

Some learners can handle a lot of information while some can handle less information. My point is if you only have to deal with one, that’s right, one piece of information that would be easy.

You cannot forget one piece of information as compared to three, four or more steps dispensed in one teaching. Having one piece of the puzzle at a time also makes it easier to practice cause you only have to get that one thing correct. If you cannot get this one principle down how would you handle more principles.

So in the Plus Learning I am just going to add one more piece of information to learning how to form the open hand palm shape. If you truly get what I wrote about how to train the open hand palm shape in Getting Started you would already have the foundation of one of the types of fajing method that we use in Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s Yang style Tai Chi.


The steps are :-

a) Follow the steps in Getting Started.

b) Now imagine there is a point, a dot on your hand’s hypothenar eminence. If you do not know what that is the hypothenar eminence is the prominent part of the palm of the hand, above the pisiform bone, the hamate bone, and the base of the fifth finger.

c) With part of your intent still on the fingertips now gently push the dot on the hypothenar eminence forward as if compressing the imaginary ball with this part of your palm.


With the principle in Getting Started you should be able to get the force out from your hand into your training partner’s body.

With the content of Adding-On you should be able to make your training partner off balance by taking a step back or even bounce back depending on how he does the resisting. This is another method of fajing that we use.


How fast you can pickup the method outlined in Getting Started and here depends on how much and well you practice.

I am simplifying the method of using the small chi sphere to perform fajing by teaching it as an open hand formation method. This is because if you form the shape properly you will get the structure ready for fajing. I did say the basics are important, right?

So once the key factors are in place fajing should be a piece of cake. If not, well then you know what to do – go practice…… more!!!

At a later stage of learning you can add in the compress-release principle of moving the arm and body each time you push the dot for greater power.


When you can make what you learn here work then it is easy to figure out the fajing methods explained by Grandmaster Wei in his book on the 22-form in relation to using the small chi sphere for force generation.

I would use complicated explanations to explain. I am sure many would be thrilled and excited by scholarly type of explanations that titillate their grey cells.

However, with the future uncertain I might as well get on with it and impart it in a much more simpler manner that is accessible in terms of actually getting the skill rather than knowing it but take too long to master it or maybe never at all.


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