Forming the Hook – Getting Started


The third and final hand structure you learn is the hook hand.


How to form the hook hand :-

a) Imagine that there is a marble on an imaginary surface in front of you

b) Pick up the marble with the tips of your fingers.

c) Lift the marble vertically up by bending your wrist while moving your elbow upwards minimally.


Learn to sung your arm right up to the tips of your fingers. The imaginary marble will keep your finger focused properly.

If you have a problem doing so try holding a small piece of cloth between your fingertips while your arm is outstretched. Keep the arm outstretched while the other arm practice the cycle of neutralizing and striking with the open hand.


The hook hand does not appear a lot in the Yang style Tai Chi form so it looks like the least important hand structure.

But do not let its lack of appearance deceive you. In application the hook hand is used a look. The only reason this does not seem so is that in application the hook hand does not look like its formal structure.

In Yang style Tai Chi 108 form the hook hand first appears in the Single Whip posture. The Single Whip technique is at its most basic function a one hand holding, the other hand striking technique; the hook hand being the holding hand. Get the picture now?


The hook hand has other applications besides holding. This will become more apparent once you expand on the learning and refine it via the Adding On and Refining parts.


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