Forming the Hollow Fist – Getting Started


The second hand structure you learn to form is the hollow fist.


Below is how you can form a hollow fist :-

a) Open up your right hand, stretch out the index, middle, ring and little fingers in a line. The thumb strecthes out as well, forming a horizontal line to the vertical line of the other fingers.

b) Place your left index finger across the root of the four fingers and curl the four fingers to wrap around your left index finger. Place your right thumb on top of the index and middle fingers.

c) Now pull your left index finger out. You have formed a hollow fist.

If you have problem trying to imagine the above another simple way is to form a fist around an AA battery. The only reason I use the idea of wrapping your right fingers around your left index finger is so that you can feel the amount of pressure your right fingers are using to wrap them around your left index finger.


When you form a fist by squeezing your four fingers together your forearm will naturally tightened. The question we should address is are we optimizing our state of sung when we do so.

The use of a hollow fist is to allow us to further sung our forearm muscles when we form a fist. When you do this you can feel a stronger fist-arm-body connection.

Mentally keeping the following between the four fingers is training for the intent.


Fist pack. Fist Filler. Fist load.

These are some of the terms used when you grip an object in your fist to make it more powerful. The objective is to make your hand less compressible, allowing you to hit harder.

A typical tool would be to use a roll of coins. A flashlight would work as well. But what if you do not have a roll of coins or flashlight or other similar tools handy?

Hint – if you hold the hollow in your fist properly it would feel as if you have a rounded tube between your fist, effectively a mental tool to make your fist more solid.

Hold on, hold on but that’s not what you actually feel the first time you form a hollow fist. If anything, you feel your wrist buckling when you try to hit with it.

This is true. The reason why this is happening is because of the absence of the elongated wrist principle. This is why the basics matter.


Learning to hold a hollow fist is pretty straightforward.

Learning to use a hollow fist to actually punch is a another matter. It is not easy to use, at least not without trepidation of the wrist getting injured. I know, I have been there too.

If you want to use the hollow fist you have to suspend your disbelief, at least for the time being, or as long as it takes for you to properly practice to the point where you can actually use it.

Otherwise, you would be better off not learning Tai Chi because then you would not be observing the principles properly and hence, deprive yourself of the opportunity to use the art at an optimal state.

Learning Tai Chi is not difficult but practicing it is like trying to climb a steep mountain without being able to sight the top. The principles is our map for learning Tai Chi and as long as we carefully observe them we should get to our destination.


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