Forming the Open Hand Palm Shape – Getting Started


The first step in learning Tai Chi is to learn how to form the empty hand palm shape.


We do this by the following steps :-

a) Imagine that there is a ball floating in space in front of your chest.

b) Reach out to gently grasp it with all your fingertips.

In general, remember to hold this imaginary ball between the fingertips each time your hand is formed as an open palm.

There, it is not so difficult, right?


The objective for learning how to form an open hand palm shape is :-

a) To develop the ability to hold an intent at the fingertips

b) Form a connection between the mind and body

c) Develop qualia and insights from forming the open palm in this manner and using it when playing a Yang style form

It is easy to hold the open hand palm shape if that is all you are doing. Try holding the shape consistently when you are playing a Yang style Tai Chi form. Check how far you can play the form without losing the structure.

You can check your performance by shooting a video of yourself going through the form. Practice until you can consistently hold this palm shape every time you practice the form.


This is a key principle in the performance of the Old Six Routines form from the lineage of Grandmaster Wei Shuren. Though this sounds like a Chi Kung practice it is actually a practice to develop a method of issuing power using a combination of intent and subtle body mechanics.

If you observe GM Wei playing the Yang style form (whether the 108 form or 22 form) you will note the use of this learning device in the way his open hand is held.

At a later stage when you spread out the fingers you are expressing the energy of the fan model of fajing.


The practice outlined here is but the very basic level of learning. The ability to use this principle will come when you make a breakthrough in your practice.

This involves your ability to achieve deep insights and body transformation as you refine this practice in tandem with the practice of other key principles. Remember this as it also applies to the practice of other principles.


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