Alphabet for the Broadsword

I like this exercise called Abakada in iKali. Abakada means ABC, that is the beginning of words in the Filipino alphabet.

Sometimes Abakada is also called Abecedario by other PTK teachers. I understand that Grand Tuhon taught different versions of Abakada at various times.

A version I always see is this one below :-

When I first saw it I was surprised that it didn’t resemble what I had learned. Then I looked again and realized that the strikes are the same. Its the body structure and footwork that is different.

This popular version looks very smooth. I can understand why it makes for a good introduction to basic strikes.

The version we do in iKali is more dynamic, more aggressive in feel especially when I do it fast.

I find the iKali version a good companion study form for the Tai Chi broadsword. This is what I like about the Abakada exercise :-

a) Good exercise for basic thrusting and slashing attacks

b) Teaches the role of the empty hand in helping to defend, attack and counterattack

c) Rapid stepping and body angling for defence and getting into range to deliver the strikes

d) Smooth transition between strikes even when the strikes are performed with power

e) Good exercise for learning how to use the body and footwork to generate power in the strikes

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