Thoughts on PD

I typically avoid writing about health because I am not a doctor. However, my wife’s friend is suffering from Parkinson with one hand having tremors and body is experiencing balance difficulties.

I have a vague idea of what Parkinson disease is so I googled to find out more. PD is listed as due to loss of nerve cells but what causes it is not known.

PD also has no cure though lately exercise has shown to help. One such program is Pedaling for Parkinsons. This could be an area to look into.

I read that Tai Chi also helps with postural stability and leg strength. I don’t know about normal Tai Chi training but the Chest front, ten character (胸前十字) principle in Grandmaster Wei’s Tai Chi mentioned here is a simple but effective method for training balance.

Stooping is also mentioned as one problem faced by PD patients. The principle of Three passes, of conveyed usage (三關的运用) mentioned here is a way to train to have an upright posture.

For strength training to reduce hand tremor perhaps weight training using a dumbell or swinging a stick while doing Angle 1 striking. This can also be paired with stepping to add in a cardio component to get the heart beating as what is mentioned in the Pedaling for Parkinsons training program.

I have found that the small sphere exercise in GM Wei’s Tai Chi is very good for training the hand to be relaxed, yet firm and stable. So this might be a helpful exercise.

It would be best to consult a physiotherapist for appropriate treatment of motor symptoms because they are trained and have experience in helping different types of patients. I know consultation with a physiotherapist is not cheap, especially if it is a physiotherapist in private practice.

I know of one person who didn’t want to continue visiting a physiotherapist after operation on both knees as he was not well off. I urged him not to save on money at the expense of his well being otherwise his ability to walk properly will be affected.

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