To Be Blind

I saw someone asking to share a subscription on online WC learning. So I go kaypoh and poked the bear. He didn’t like it that I said that CST approach is rehashed TC and even sent me a video of CST saying its not.

The problem with many learners is that they are eager to be part of a cult and brainwashed themselves into believing something that is not necessarily true. This is why traceability is helpful. CST said he learned from IM and we have video of IM doing his forms. We also have seen videos of other fellow students of the same generation.

Unless you are blind when you compare videos of how they move and stand you might notice that CST stands out. There is something familiar yet dissimilar. If you are in the circle you might believe that this is unique.

However, for those who have been around longer and know the earlier stories or rumors you might suspect that the difference is due to importing something in and modifying it to boost one’s skill (think C-19 booster shot, yay!). CST is not the only one who did it. Some of his contemporaries did it too.

Blinding yourself to the obvious leads you off the path and ultimately you may end up not getting it. Many masters are innovators, not blind followers. CST is no different. The further you go down the line the lesser you see the roots once its been filtered, obscured and hidden.

How do you know if you are capable of assesssing something critically and in a position to offer an expert opinion? It is when you can do it. When you think another person’s approach is wrong and not convincing criticizing it is useless unless you know the other person’s approach and can show a better performance than him.

An example is the person in the video posted here. I have criticized him and he didn’t like it. I have to admire his guts though. He dared to go on television even though his demonstration is of one below par, below the standard of what an instructor of the style should be capable of showing in terms of the characteristics of the style.

I think it is OK if he is promoting the style, showing what he has learned and is capable of within the limits of his training. But to pass himself of as a master and able to transmit the style, well, that I have to say he should not do because outsiders looking at this style would think is that it? They don’t see the best representation of it, or even a qualified representation. Instead, they see a below standard performance from a so-called master and they think the style so lousy ha?

Want to boost your own skill? Don’t be a blind follower. Open your eyes wide and see things as they are. Question critically, assess what you see, ask the why of what you are doing, being critical is not being disrespectful (the best teachers actually encourage questions, even those they can’t answer) and train hard while constantly checking your progress. Invite constructive criticism. Don’t worry about getting things wrong. The more wrongs you get the more correct you will be later.

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