Learning to Use Wild Horse Parts Mane

The confounding thing about a technique is that their application can look obvious.

However, when we go into it we can discover that it is not so. In a big class it is easier to teach one technique, one application.

However, a technique can be used in different ways. A technique is basically a series of sequential movements. The sum of all the movements is the technique.

We can use all the movements to create an application. If we changed the focus slightly the outcome can be different.

And if we use only some of the movements we have yet a different take on how to use the movements.

When we first learn how to use Wild Horse Parts Mane we focus on the obvious application which is to enter and throw.

Once we develop a better feel of each of the movements we might focus on how to use some of these movements instead of in their entirety.

One example of this is to use the entering movement to do an arm lock instead.

The easiest way to learn how to use Wild Horse Parts Mane in many ways is to do push hands. Use push hands as opportunity to explore.

Don’t be stuck on only one way of applying the movement. Test out whatever you can think of. This is how I learned to do push hands, not by pushing in predictable patterns but in free flowing format, try whatever I can do to push my teacher out or put him in a lock.

When given free rein you can either be creative or mind goes blank. Use the form as a reference textbook to inspire you to apply your techniques freely. You might be surprised by what you discover.

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