Lesson Number Five

This week is the fifth lesson.

Grasp Sparrow’s Tail – 2nd sub-movement fell a bit short because it did not mirror the application. This is important – you don’t just move. You move because you are doing a technique.

When you do it right at the end of the movement your right hand should be grasping my right wrist and your left forearm on my body and your left leg in a position that is checking my right leg.

In the 3rd sub-movement this week I added in 3 steps for the following :-

a) How to move the right arm to close the right side of your front door. A good test of correct biomechanics is when I give your some strength when my left arm is on top of your right arm you should be able to close your position. This is an illustration of the principle of not going head-on against the opponent’s strength. So there are three steps here – i) thumb movement ii) arm movement iii) waist movement

b) Raising the right arm to form the cross involves three steps at the learning stage. Once you get it all three steps merged into one smooth step. The steps – i) Right thumb move right wrist up to left wrist ii) Use shoulder to guide right wrist into position iii) Finally, use hip to get the right wrist into final position

c) I didn’t touch on the third sub-movement of getting the right leg to step out which is another three steps. The purpose of this is to train the single leg balance, feeling the ground and training the leg to be able to kick in accordance to the principle of every step hides a kick

From Grasp Sparrow’s Tail to Ward-off a reminder on using the left hand to properly do the scooping action. This allows for the left hand to defend the left side properly depending on whether the opponent’s right hand is attacking high or low.

Press – revisited how to change from Rollback into Press. The function of the left hand to check and control the opponent’s right hand. How to properly align the right hand to control the opponent’s left arm and be able to issue power easily.

Common mistake is the right elbow misalignment in Press. When the right elbow is not positioned properly you allow the opponent to counter your Press attack.

A misaligned elbow also makes it difficult to issue power not to mention the ability to follow up easily. When you position the right arm properly you can change easily from one attack to the next and counter opponent’s attempt to get away or defend against your Press attack.

From Press to Push – the transition calls for the passing of opponent’s right arm from your left hand to right hand. This sets his right arm to be sealed against his chest, then you can apply Push attack.

If opponent tries to pull his right hand back to strike you the position of your left hand in Press should allow you to instantly attack him before he can hit you. If he is fast and has his strike coming back quickly then you use Separate Hands on the inside to intercept, pull and apply Push strike.

The lesson of Separate Hands and Push can be applied to the first sub-movement in Grasp Sparrow’s Tail. Instead of intercept, turn to neutralize and attack, you can just use the same right arm to intercept, neutralize and attack. This is how understanding the basics can translate a multi-step movement into a singular movement, making it efficient.

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