Decoding SKD Training Sequence No. 1 – Part 6

The topic of how to use the 5 Tigers Descending Mountain is continued in the sixth part of the Training Sequence.

The use of the mid range 6-blocks is introduced here. You should practice the mid range 6-blocks separately to automate the movement of the hands in moving and changing smoothly between any of the six movements.

You should also extend the practice of the 6-blocks by studying how you can move between the long, mid, close range 6-blocks.

In this section we learn how to move from long to short range as we are using the Charp Chui. A second method to recover our position in the event our Charp Chui is intercepted is shown here. Practice this with caution with a partner as it may cause injury if you are not careful.

The series of three rapid strikes at the beginning of the section serves as an introduction to delivering rapid, continuous strikes. As extension of study learn the Training Sequence No. 2 which teaches how to strike continously from different angles and levels.

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