Decoding SKD Training Sequence No. 1 – Part 3

Moving along we arrive at the fourth part. The first technque covered is the Yum Chui which is practiced with lateral step.

The first level of skill in Yum Chui is the use of parry and punch with Yum Chui. This also trains how to line up the target, the biomechanics of generating power, how to punch like shooting an arrow.

A later level to focus on is how to step and strike as a response instead of having to parry, step and strike.

The second punch to be trained is the Chao Chui. This sequence is made up of two punches – Gwa Chui and Chao Chui. For the learning of basic mechanics of moving both punches are practiced as power strikes.

The next part of training is to use the Gwa Chui not just as a punch but as a clearing movement. For this purpose we can do the clearance forcefully or as a contact-pull-clear technique.

The third strike is the Sao Chui. The Sao Chui trains the body 6-harmonies in executing a power strike.

In Sao Chui we learn the importance of setting up before we try to strike. This is because a big circular strike takes a longer time to execute as compared to a linear strike.

To minimize exposure as we throw the Sao Chui we would set up the proper conditions first so that the training partner has a much smaller chance to hit us as we are moving in to do a Sao Chui.

Sao Chui is also an excellent vehicle to learn how to angle the body properly as we perform all the motions of this strike.

Chao Chui and Sao Chui are also practiced with a lateral step. Once we are familiar with them we will then add on diagonal stepping to the three strikes. We can then learn how to defend, avoid getting hit and then follow up by moving in to deliver our response.

Before we move on to sections four to six, we should learn how to use Yum Chui, Chao Chui and Sao Chui with the techniques in the sections that came before. In this way, even though we have less techniques, however, their combinations will expand our repertoire of techniques, basically being able to do more with less.

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