Decoding SKD Training Sequence No. 1 – Part 2

The next section, the third part, teaches how to lower your level by dropping down quickly by either opening up your stance and lowering yourself or just squat down.

As we do this we perform a parry with each hand. What is not obvious is that this is also a training on how to use the lowering of the body to generate a strong slap with the palm.

The movements then continue to what appears to be opening up the arms. This is training a low level back hand strike. When used as a technique we can also apply the back hand strike to the middle and high level. Performed continuously the parry and back hand strike is a one linked sequence technique. This section trains three levels of attack. The back hand can be substituted with a back fist in application.

The last part in the third section trains a movement that probes, control and open up the training partner’s guard. The first movement is a probe which also functions as an attack. If there is no guard then attack. If there is a guard then probe to find or elicit an opening. When an opening is found control it so that you can enter. The movement here also trains the opening sequence of a hidden stepping pattern.

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