Open to Learning

Good points by Jesse Enkamp aka Karate Nerd. I like what he said about the blinding flash of the obvious at 20:34.

How many times have you had this aha! moment in your learning? If you have not, then you need to get out more.

Sometimes when you stare at something for too long you can’t see it. Its when you take a look from another perspective that you might see it.

For example, how soon can you develop power in your strike? After months of training? Or years of training? In this regard I am referring to developing a heavy strength in your strike that can hurt.

If we were to examine this question from the perspective of most CMA I would hazard a guess of at least a year.

But now I would say that it is not impossible, make that it is highly possible to develop power after a training session in Kali, power that we can use in an empty hand strike.

Now why didn’t I think of this before? Cause I have not learned or practiced Kali this way. By this way, I mean the iKali PTK way.

Now that I have I would say that if we put aside the style label for a second this is achievable. One practice session in which the first strike is learned and practiced. Big difference between before and after right there, right now.

But most people won’t see it this way. First there is the “not my style” obstacle. Second, its the “not my teacher’s…” obstacle. Third, there’s the disbelief obstacle that stops us from openly trying something, basically sabotaging our learning before it we even do it.

The internet has opened up the world but not always our mind. If you want to benefit from this opening up then discard your prejudices, biases and at least for the moment let yourself be opened to learning. You never know what you can gain from it.

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