New Zealand Knife Attack

I had just posted an update to the iKali class that will begin on 14 May 2021 on Facebook when I saw this news article on a knife attack in a New Zealand supermarket where three people were critically injured. Video coverage here.

I recently read on a website that we should not delegate our safety to others and this sad situation is another example of this.

In today’s crazy world an attack of any sorts can happen anytime, anywhere. When it does the timing can be so sudden that there may not be time to call the police nor time for them to get there to rescue you. The video coverage above mentioned that the attack was over in minutes.

If you are lucky you have the time to run, seek cover or shelter and hide. If not, then your safety is in your hands or whoever will attempt to help you at that critical moment.

In Singapore a gun attack is less likely than a knife attack because guns are illegal. A criminal can still get his (or her) hands on one but it will not be easy. A knife is so much more easier to get and an attacker do not even need to get a Rambo type of survival knife. A kitchen chopper or a sushi knife are two ordinary kitchen tools that can become deadly weapons in the hands of an attacker.

If I live in the USA I would want to learn how to shoot and how to defend against a gun attack as a last resort. Over here it is more useful to learn how to defend against a knife which is why I took up Kali in the first place. Not wishing it to happen does not mean it will not happen. I just want to be prepared in case it ever happens. Touch wood.

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