iKali Class Commencement

The free iKali training will commence on 14 Apr 2021 (Friday) from 7 to 8.30 pm.

If you are registering here you can request for a map on how to get there by typing in iKali Training + map in the comment box.

Prepare a towel, water and change of t-shirt as you can expect to sweat a lot from the drills. You will need to get your own tools after the first lesson. A list will be provided later.

In the first lesson we will introduce the essential basics of :-

a) Salutation

b) Tools and training safety

c) Basic stepping and first body position

d) Stick handling basics

e) Striking basics – BFR

f) Attack and defence strategies

g) First learning series OS – introduction to three strikes E4, E6, Tap

h) “Learn to teach, teach to learn” for optimal learning success

i) Blade handling basics

j) Basic blade movements TS – solo drill and partner drill

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