Knife Attacks

Another day, another knife attack reported in the media.

What’s happening in Singapore that we have so many knife attacks?

To an ordinary citizen it seems like there are two prevalent crimes in Singapore – sex crimes and knife attacks – from reading the news. Just try typing in + sex or + knife and you’ll get a listing of the latest news reports for Singapore.

Its not like there are no laws on such crimes. There are. But they are still on the increase for whatever the root cause.

What can an ordinary citizen do if confronted by a scenario like an unprovoked knife attack such as this case where a refusal to buy cigarettes for a troubled teenager resulted in the person refusing to do it got attacked?

The normal advice is to run away such as this video advice from the police in China or seek help such as calling the police.

Given the unpredicatability and suddeness of an attack can the person being attacked really run away? Can he whip his phone out to call the police? Can he rely on bystanders to help? Take a look at what a real knife attack looks like :-

The suddeness of a knife attack such as this example here is what makes it difficult to deal with. The rational person does not want to be in a place where such an attack can take place but then no one can tell when it will happen. If you see signs of an attack coming you can quickly walk, no run, to get away and report to the police. Its when you can’t get away that’s when you have to ask what will you do.

This is something that we should think about but most people never do because statistically speaking the majority will never be attacked unless it is your unlucky day, luck of the draw, the misalignment of the stars and so on I suppose. That’s life.

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