Lunch Practice

This week I have to put in practice every day to prepare for my iKali test.

The hot weather is not helping. I take my tests seriously so weather be damned.

So we have a long sequence to go through to test how well we have learned how to handle the sticks, blade and move in empty hand techniques.

It wouldn’t have been that bad if we are going slow and easy. But no, to raise the bar we have to do it fast and furious. After all, how we train is likely to be how we actually move.

In a warm room at mid-day trying to go fast, trying not to stop too long, but keep the pace moving along is tough. I am breathing hard but I don’t want to stop. My doctor once told me to exercise the heart through brisk walking to pump it harder. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

This blade exercise is what beginners learn. Well, maybe a total beginner won’t move as fast initially. But with a little practice anyone can move fast.

This is another knife counter exercise. Its the last exercise in the sequence.

Doing this and the rest made me sweat so much I felt like I just went to the sauna.

These blade counters are kinda cool. Yeah, I’ll say they are cool but they are really practical and deadly. Wish I could post our training videos to show you the applications then you will see what I see in them.

If you live in SG and have the interest to learn drop a line in the comment below.

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