Kali Moments

It is a funny moment but then maybe not.

Paul jumped the gun and tried out one of the movements in the iKali sinawali training sequence before he had observed the steps carefully.

I remember the first time I saw this sinawali sequence and I went, oh no, kneeling on not one but two knees. I prefer not to kneel on the ground cause its hard and worse than that is that the ground can be slippery from the sweat.

That’s why I use a mat. Still old man, old knees. But what the heck, its a challenge to do it, not just do it slowly but to do it fast. That’s why knowing the how helps a lot.

Then comes the next part, getting back up. This does not come naturally to me. Again, knowing how to do it makes it so much more easier.

At the end ot it I look at it as good exercise for the legs and the core. As both our age, Paul’s over 60 and I am going to 60 God knows we need our exercise.

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