Basic Kali Punches

In Tai Chi I normally strike at a slower pace. In SKD we strike a lot faster with the arms moving like a whip. In iKali we use evasive body movements and punch fast.

Punching the Kali way works the legs since I stand in a lower stance to facilitate the body evasive movement. Moving the body this way helps to train the hip and waist. And punching is good to work the lungs especially when doing it many times non-stop with power and speed. If I have a punching bag that would add another dimension to the training.

I like the body evasion. Its a nice complement to what I do in Ngok Gar Kuen which uses body evasion also, albeit in a different manner.

Actually, what this body movement is making me feel like dancing though I am terrible at it. But hey, an old dog can always try learning a new trick or two. Never say never, till you really can never.

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