Self-help is better than waiting for help.

This is a recent hate crime, a horrific attack in USA, that happened out of the blue to an elderly Asian lady :-

Because the attack was sudden there was no opportunity to call the police. Even if somehow the police was called they will take time to come.

And bystanders who can help just stand and watch, and take video. This is the sad reality today.

Don’t rely on other people to protect you. Learning to protect yourself is better like these folks are doing :-

Oh, while you are at it try to get together to practice regularly because the ability to use techniques properly do not come naturally. It has to be learned, to be practiced until it becomes natural. Then when you need it the response will come naturally.

And try to increase the resistance as you go along because getting a fellow elderly person to grab you is not the same as when a determined attacker grabs you.

Self-defence is your own responsibility. When you are attacked which of the F3 (freeze, flight or fight) response you go with depends partly on your training and confidence. Avoid always, run if you can but if you have no choice, fight.

Be constantly aware of your surroundings, eyes don’t be glued to the phone. As you can see an attacker won’t just hit once and wait for you to get up. This is not a movie, there is no fair fight.

Start training early because self-defence skills is not like switching on the light. You can’t just flick on a switch and magically have the capability. You need time to train. Ultimately, whether you become a victim is the choice you make today.

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