Learning Sinawali

Paul’s first time learning Sinawali yesterday. Working on learning the basic steps.

Teach to Learn is one of the benefits of learning and teaching iKali. As I was teaching Paul I took the opportunity to learn by varying how I performed Sinawali.

Now its Paul’s turn to learn as part of Learn to Teach. He did the leading and I the following. Instead of doing Sinawali with the normal grip I opted to do it with reverse grip instead.

Once the basic movement is grasped I took the opportunity to extend the learning by going into the next part of our Sinawali sequence.

Instead, of learning the whole sequence I just introduced one additional movement and turned it into a cyclical drill.

I then introduced Paul to a learning objective – what it looks like to perform the sequence fast. The purpose of an objective is to present learning challenges to improve his performance, speed and power as he progresses.

The second drill we worked on was Sagang Labo. This is a well known drill in FMA though some FMA styles might call it by another name.

As I practiced Sagang Labo some of the things that Tuhon Apolo said came to mind. One of them is the ability to move about. I took this opportunity to showcase this point to Paul.

One of the limitations of online learning is the absence of feel. Having a partner in front makes for the best learning.

However, when we can’t have a partner we use a combination of words to describe what is happening, imagining and transposing the feel of the movement acting on us, and role playing it out.

Today I thought I would try to make the feeling more real by moving near to the camera to give the feeling of closing in to attack.

If you live in Singapore and interested to learn the iKali branch of Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali let me know. We focus on working the basics of double sticks, single stick, blade and empty hand.

2 thoughts on “Learning Sinawali

    • Hello Quah, thanks for your interest. I teach in CCK Crescent (8 min walk from Yew Tee MRT). $20 per session of 1 hour. You can try first lesson for free. I will supply the sticks for the trial lesson. If you like it then you can get your own sticks.


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