Doing It Naturally 5

Then we come to the last part of the form. Here we have two sequences that are derived from a very important part of Master Leung’s PKK.

The first sequence is an introduction to the key concept of how to use the techniques.

Whether our technique works or not depends on our ability to move quickly in response to the opponent’s reaction.

This is why we must learn to move just right to meet the requirements of our defined principles and concept of motion.

Every technique is powered by a set of principles. What is right for one may not be right for another. This is why we see different ways of doing a technique. No one is wrong and everyone is correct. The intended application justifies the principles.

For example, I am explaining here why I think Chen style Tai Chi uses silk reeling instead of open-close that we use in Yang and Wu / Hao style.

In this last video I am explaining how what we do in SKD can be used back in Yang style Tai Chi.

This is a very simplified way of looking at it. The way I would apply the Yang style of GM Wei Shuren would be different.

The difference is not important. What is important that any student who learns SKD should be able to walk away with something otherwise they have wasted their time.

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