Doing It Naturally 3

Enter the SKD basic learning sequence.

Maybe I should call it a form but its not really a form. Its more like a series of learning sentences. These series of sentences is for the purpose of learning something. We can add or subtract from the sentences. We can also expand the sentences or shuffle the words around.

Following the spirit of the original PKK learning SKD has no forms. We learn the basics through drills. This gave rise to a problem – students end up doing some drills and ignoring the rest. They shouldn’t because every drill has a purpose and if they leave one out they will miss out on a key component.

The solution is to string the drills together so that they have to practice the more important drills, or better yet, all of them. This may give rise to a long cumbersome form so I left some drills out for the first iteration. The plan is to take out some of the basic drills and substitute them with the more complex drills once students have learned the lesson they are supposed to learn. In this way we only need one form for this purpose.

The first part of the form is to teach a basic idea – how to stand and stand in such a way that the upper part of the body can unify with the lower part.

Then using the lower part students learn how to move the upper part in tandem with what the lower part is doing. The video below is an example of how to use the lower body to move the upper body to move the arms.

I am using the sticks here to stand in for the arms so that it can be clearly seen how the body should move. I also exaggerated the movement of the body.

When the lower body can control the movement of the arms then you would fulfil the requirement of connecting to the ground to generate power.

The next step is the learning of the three double arm swings. Each of the arm swings is a standalone technique. The transition between each arm swing teaches how to change when using the arm swings as a strike and the opponent blocks your strike.

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