Doing It Naturally 2

In SKD I took the important basics from my learning of Tai Chi and other arts, and taught them through a series of cohesive solo drills. This by itself is a huge learning time saver in that students don’t have to learn several arts to get the same information.

This is provided they managed to catch the insights from these arts and know how to put the different insights together. For example, in NGK basic techniques number 17 and 18 contain the key principles of how to apply the art. But how does this square with Wing Chun that uses centerline facing?

The missing link here is this one principle for my final Wing Chun teacher. Even then, the student must know how to reconcile the different ways of using NGK and Wing Chun techniques. This is the challenge of teaching – how to absorb what is useful without having to accummulate more.

For me it was a matter of two different arts and putting in the practice so that I am clear as to what the differences are. It took more years before I understand enough to know how to put them together concept-wise. Once the concept is plugged in properly then it is easy to be able to manifest the original NGK or WC technique at the intersecting point.

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