The Secret 3

The final key is Commitment to Improve.

You must want to improve, to rise about the herd. This is how you become good.

Someone will always be better than you. This does not mean you should not want to rise above it all. Treat it as a personal objective.

Wanting to improve means you will find ways and means to be better. It is said that the key to Tai Chi is to relax, to sung. Everyone has heard of this. But do you really know what this means?

It is easy to take sung for granted. Yeah, sung, I know it too. Can you explain it, put it into words that any listener can understand clearly what it means, instead of it being a vague, ambiguous assertion? Anyone can say sung is sung, very difficult to explain. Correct?

Wrong! Sung can be explained clearly. The method to acquire it can also be explained, laid down, dissected just as clearly. To practice it to fruition is another question.

If you do not know the process of sung then how do you know whether you are improving, to what degree and when you have attained it?

So wanting to sung is also a question of wanting to improve how to sung. This search for better result is what leads us to find the one way that can help us to attain our goal. Others may find their own way.

Don’t let people praise you and let it go to your head. Keep working on improving what you are working on. In the search to achieve sung we must get to realizing the ultimately result of sung. When you know what this is it is easy to check the result of your hard practice when you get there.

We don’t have to be told we are sung only to find out to our dismay that the praise was an empty praise the moment we play hands with our friends who give a bit of resistance.

Don’t be satisfied so easily. Don’t accept too easily what people tell you. Put in the practice. Keep working on the method you have learned, optimize it. Continue to seek to improve. Then you will find success one day.

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