The Secret 2

The second ingredient to a successful learning journey is Optimized Method.

In the practice of martial arts as in life there is a trade-off in everything that we do. For example, if we want fast result we end up being less efficient and clean in our movements.

However, if you are willing to slow down, to take the time to learn, practice, relearn and refine then your movements will come out cleaner with minimal wastage of energy and motion.

A straight forward optimized method would be how to minimize input to maximize output. Or to put it another way how can I shut you down using the least possible movements and effort.

One way to minimize input is by not using more energy to perform a task than we have to. To optimize this we need to then ask will using less input compromise the effectiveness of our technique or can it still maximize the effectiveness. Every system has their take on this question. Find one that fits you.

In SKD straight forward means to KISS – keep it simple stupid! That’s why we study three major strikes initially. No one having more if we can’t even come to grips with three.

We use one body structure. We use one mother stance. We use one major method of moving the body to get the power out. How much more simpler can this be? If you can’t get this then anything else more complex will be a challenge to master.

We optimize our practice time by learning the bare minimum. We optimize the time we have daily for practice. We optimize our muscle memory development by always working on the key basics.

We go for a natural way of moving so we can pick up the movements much more easily. It does not mean you don’t need to practice, just that you don’t have to spread your time too thinly over too many drills.

Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Work on the essential foundation skills and you can go far.

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