Lead by Example

A teacher should lead by example. I may teach Tai Chi and SKD but in Kali I am a student. In Kali our Tuhon would say that we should get in at least 10,000 repetitions first….. At least one of our best Kali instructor said that she did millions (!!!) of repetitions.

So yes, the secret is to ……… PRACTICE.

In a Zoom seminar last week the guest presenter was our Grand-Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. In his demo he did this super smooth, super fluid switching of the blade from one hand to the next.

Our Tuhon then broke this down into step-by-step learning. Was it difficult to remember the steps? No, it was less than 10 steps. Defintely can be remembered.

It didn’t look that difficult to do but when I tried it my hands wouldn’t move the way I imagined it would. 10,000. 10,000. I remembered what Tuhon said. Putting aside the time to do 10,000 would be a challenge of its own.

So I did the practice I always do for Tai Chi and Wing Chun and whatever art I learned in the past. I would practice wherever and whenever.

First challenge was maximizing the time to practice the knife movement inside and outside of the home. To travel to work would take me an hour at least. So a to / fro journery would mean that I can spend up to 2 hours practicing. On those days I would go to see a customer would mean extra practice time.

Second challenge was how to practice the knife movement outside of the home and not get stopped by police even if I am using a practice knife. I thought about it and voila! I have a tactical pen. Now is as good as any time to use it.

Once I figured out the challenges I just got to it. I practiced as much as I could since last Monday and today I got a chance to show it to my SKD students as an example of what a week of practice can do if you put your heart and soul into it.

So if you want to master a skill just do it. Stop whining. Stop procastinating. Stop making excuses. Tuhon didn’t tell me to do the practice. I just did it because this looked like a fun and cool skill. In fact, there were a lot more stuff that was taught in the seminar.

I am just waiting for the videos to be posted and then I will get started to learning them. And that’s on top of polishing the drills I learned in two modules and getting them up to standard. So if you want something just go for it.

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