Chair Training

Before the SKD Zoom class started today one student said that he was sick. However, he would attend but not participate fully.

Instead of doing our normal standup practice I had them do the entire class sitting in a chair. In this way the sick student can participate fully.

In this regards there are some things that can be learned easier when sitting down rather than standing up.

What would be a limitation on the ability to move becomes an advantage to learning how to economize movement in the light of the constraint imposed by the chair frame.

I focused on teaching the things that can be practiced while sitting down. To start off while I showed how one of the basic arm swinging exercise can be practiced not as a regular arm loosening and power development exercise but as a means to train the application of a technique.

We examine how this one swinging arm exercise can be trained a few ways. Then we added in other components to deepen the skill.

Basically, everything that is taught today is the foundation for how to make our Charp Chui come alive.

This is achieved by using the exercises to develop our ability to flow like water, darting in quickly like a snake’s tongue and changing swiftly like the wind.

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