Update 2 Jun 2020

Shot some videos today. Though its been over a year since the SKD online training started I decided to revisit some old topics.

The most important are of course :-

a) Basic posture

b) Insitu body turning

These two exercises are important because with the proper configuration you can move quickly while delivering powerful and accurate strikes.

I did three videos, one for each force model. The lesson that I wanted to get across this time is how to do the two distinct rotations of the Chau Chui. These two rotations enable us deliver power in the Gwa Chui and Chau Chui, one after another in a quick manner.

I did one video on how to do the revamped 6-blocks. I also showed how to add on additional blocks to create the 7-blocks, 8-blocks and 9-blocks sequences.

Managed to trim some of the videos for uploading soon to the Slack app for The Tai Chi Solo Player.

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