Lockdown Learning

Singapore is not in lockdown……….. yet.

But if we are we can spend the time to learn something. If you like to learn Tai Chi here’s something I put together when I had some free time during lunch today. Its a short introduction to learning the first three movements of the Yang style 108 long form.

Mind you this is a very rough sketch of a how-to-do-it video. I wish I could do it in more detail though a long video might be boring. So here it is.

The first movement is Beginning Posture. Here’s what it looks like :-

I tried to keep the explanation real simple while keeping the essential points in.

The keys to learning Tai Chi in general :-

Key 1 – take your time to learn, don’t rush the learning

Key 2 – pay attention to the details; it might not make sense at first but every little thing + every other little thing adds up to the big picture

Key 3 – practice more; make your share of mistakes and learn from them

Key 4 – practice until you are familiar, then practice until it feels natural, then practice until the principles come alive

Key 5 – later when there is opportunity get a partner to test out your understanding; if it does not work re-examine your learning and practice all over again – you can never get enough of the basics

Learning objective for Beginning Posture :-

Objective 1 – be able to control your balance using the vertical axis; minimize the amount of effort to move

Objective 2 – develop a comfortable body structure that is conducive to application of techniques and power generation

Objective 3 – master the control of wrist-elbow-shoulder control

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