Lockdown Learning 4

After Ward-Off we move on to Rollback and Press.

In the application of techniques Rollback is typically followed by Press so I tend to treat this as one movement.

Part 1

Rollback teaches the skill of enticing the opponent’s attack to fall harmlessly to empty space. It also contains the strategy of counter-attacking during retreat.

The key here is :-

a) Manage the space

b) Manage the timing

c) Manage the angle of movement

Part 2

The technique of Press follows closely on the heels of Rollback in that as the opponent’s attack falls into empty space you quickly seize the initiative to insert your attack.

Press contains :-

a) Outflanking

b) Compress and seal

When the conditions for applying Press are in place then fajing is very easy. In fact, most students doing it the first time are puzzled that it seems so easy, too easy and they could not believe that they are actually able to fajing with decades of training behind them, something they have been brainwashed to believe.

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