Lockdown Learning 2a

After Beginning Posture we move on to Grasp Sparrow’s Tail. This is the sub-movement 1 and 2 of Grasp Sparrow’s Tail :-

The first sub-movement in Grasp Sparrow’s Tail is the principle of intercept, connect and neutralize. To perform intercept, connect and neutralize properly we need to examine the importance of distance and range.

Our ability to control distance and range also depends on timing. This in turn is a function of our ability to get where we want to be when we want to be.

Though it appears that we require contact for the technique to work this is not really the case. This will become apparent as you continue to study the movement of the feet in Grasp Sparrow’s Tail.

After we have made contact then we learn how to use rotation to get the opponent’s attack off us. There are two ways to do this – a) use a robust structure to remove the opponent b) move ourselves out of the way.

In this instance we learn how to use a robust structure. It may appear to be using strength to spin the opponent off us. However, this is not the case. By not allowing ourselves to sit back and turn we force ourselves to examine the question of how to use small movements to neutralize when we cannot move the body out of the way.

The study of turning requires us to examine in detail :-

a) How do we turn exactly?

b) When do we turn?

c) How much should we turn?

d) What is the exact process involved in turning to neutralize?

e) What is the logic of the neutralizing turn?

After neutralizing we move into control using a grasping movement of the right hand. The left hand is used to feel and probe before we make contact.

In this section we are introduced to the principle of moving the body by using the hand to lead the stepping. This movement control mechanism allows us to step nimbly like a cat.

In this practice you can observe the principle of how one moving thing leads everything else to move and then on arrival everything stops at the same time.

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