End of an Era

Tong Lian Shu Dian Supplies was incorporated on 10 May 1986. When I first got to know about this book store which was dedicated to martial arts, particularly Chinese martial arts the late Mr Loh (the boss) and Ms Koh (the assistant) was running it.

Ms Koh in 2013

Ms Koh continued running the book store after the passing of Mr Loh. Though the focus was still on Chinese martial arts the declining readership for books and increasing competition from other book stores in Bras Basah Complex rendered Tong Lian a shadow of its former self.

A young Ms Koh in a photo taken with the famous Master Fu Zhongwen

Still as Ms Koh was running the book store the legacy of Tong Lian continued. And so it did until today I learned that Ms Koh passed away at home in December 2019 after a fall. The news was conveyed to a tenant on the same level as Tong Lian by the cleaner.

A young Ms Koh in a photo taken with the famous Master Sha Guozhen

The passing of Ms Koh is likely to also be the end of the road of Tong Lian Shu Dian. I know there is a financial backer who kept the shop opened and had Ms Koh running it. By now, with Ms Koh gone I don’t know if the backer will continue the business.

Ms Koh in a Tai Chi posture

Anyway, however it may be, whatever may be, will be. Rest in peace Ms Koh.

Mr Loh (2nd row, 5th from left) and Ms Koh (1st row, 5th from left)

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