Circling Pole Gung

Introduced a third pole exercise – circling – last night to my student as part of his gung lik development.

In this case, a big circle. The type used to deflect opponent’s pole whilst advancing, kinda like a spinning horizontal tornado.

A snippet of the practice :-

What we are working on is to find the right size circle that can deflect and knock opponent off balance such as illustrated below :-

The circling below is a clockwise circle. In this example, the applied circle technique is more or less straight out of our Ngok Gar 5-Tip Pole technique.

Once the opponent’s pole is swept aside you can move in for the kill.

The actual circling technique is shown above from the manual on the 5-Tip Pole.

Finally, when doing partner practice care must be taken not to accidentally hit the partner in the hand or body. This can be done by maintaining a longer distance.

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