The Killing Gung

I think my student has not expected the recent hard training.

Up, down, up down he wielded the mighty pole trying to nail the basics. One, two, one, two. Spear, slam, spear, slam.

Training to acquire power through pole training is basically persistence and prolonged training in mastering the basics. Whether we do a 1-2 or 1-2-3 sequence does not matter. Just keep on working at it.

Get the sequence down, familiarize with it, when the basics look set, refine it, repeat basics + corrections, nail them, refine again. Again and again.

Its still not bad yet as he is still using a light white wax pole. Using a wooden pole will be more tiring. Still its nothing as compared to using a 9-foot pole much later.

Basic familiarity. Basic process. Basic biomechanics. Add the small details. Find the spiral motions. Find the right timing for triggering sudden acceleration and sudden braking to create shock on impact.

As with the weapon, so it is with the body. The pole biomechanics transfer across to use of empty hand techniques. Basic techniques like straight punch is transformed with the body integration and gearing coordination of the entire body movement. Shoulder stroke becomes so much more forceful.

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